“Corn № 1”

42.54cm x 60.96cm


Rendition #1 of 21
Oil based metallic & and acrylic on stretched cotton canvas w/ 4cm deep gallery bars.


Bitcorn, more than a lovable reference and play on words, represents an epitome of choice.
A choice in the form of the money you choose to store your energy and wealth.
A choice in the quality of the material possessions you purchase.
A choice in the level of intrinsic value of the goods and services you use or provide.

A choice in the quality of the food you choose to eat.

You could say there two kinds of corn, Bitcorn and Fiatcorn.

We make the choice every day with every dollar we lay down, with every sat that is spent.
May we choose wisely for the future of our children depends on it.

– Asanoha