Citadel 21 vol. 20 Cover Art 1/1 Artist Proof


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Exit Fiat: Enter Bitcoin

13” x 19”


Citadel 21 vol. 20 Cover Art 1/1 Artist Proof

This is one of a small handful of test prints I made while working on the cover art for vol. 20 Citadel 21

You can read Citadel 21 online for free here:

There is a limited run of physical copies of vol. 20 available here:

This AP is a one of one print in 13” x 19” on matte stock. I have a couple other variants in a different size, format and paper stock. They are all 1/1 or 1/2.

In the future I will be doing a limited edition print run of this design, but these Artist Proof editions are the rarest, and most special, physical format of this art that exists. These are a direct product of the creative process I took to design vol. 20’s cover art. These are filled with my thoughts and feelings during this work. Analyzing the colors, scale and formatting in an attempt to capture the chromium nostalgia of that point in time, the beginning of the second half of your life, in which we discover what bitcoin truly means and the trials along the way thereafter.

The artwork is a collaboration between myself and Andrii Pylypenko. It was inspired by “Exit Fiat, Enter Bitcoin – A Matrix Meme” by Guy Swann.

I was planning on saving these for an auction in the future, but with the halving heading towards us I have decided to let a couple of them go in an effort to stack some sats before the next bull run.

– Asanoha