We Are All Satoshi – Artist Proof 1/1 – Gold on off-white


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We Are All Satoshi

Artist Proof 1/1

8” x 10” Metallic Gold on off-white stock

This is a 1/1 Artist proof made during the gold on black 8” x 10” run I did for Stackchain Magazine Block 2.

The first 112 copies purchased of Stack Mag Block 2 received a x/121 gold on black “We Are All Satoshi” 8” x 10” fine art serigraph print.

There are x/10 gold on black AP’s of that run.

This is the only gold on off-white AP I made.

It came out so nice I might have to do a larger 12” x 16” run of this in gold on white, but if I do that I’m going to keep the edition at x/21 or under.

This is the only 8” x 10” gold on off-white print of this art I will ever make.

– Asanoha