We Are All Satoshi – Limited Edition Fine Art Serigraph


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We Are All Satoshi

Limited Edition of 100.

12” x 16” Fine Art Serigraph Print.

Metallic Bronze ink.

Signed & Numbered with a custom seal embossment.



The aphorism, “We are all Satoshi” has been shared since the early days of Bitcoin. It has been over ten years now that the creator himself left us. To this day no one knows who he was, but perhaps there is a little bit of him in each of us.


The kanji says, “Satoshi”. In Japanese, the first character represents, “wise, sage, philosopher”. The second character represents, “history, chronicle”.

The 8-bit style font is a nod to cypherpunks and gamers, the first people to adopt bitcoin.

A bit is the smallest unit of data that a computer processes. A bit is always in one of two physical states, represented as a binary value, usually a 1 or 0. The state it is in may also be represented as on/off, yes/no or true/false.

Pixels on a display monitor are made of bytes. A black & white pixel contains one byte, a 24 bit RGB color pixel contains three bytes. There are 8 bits in one byte. The more bits in a monitor that are turned on, the more processing power that is required, which was very limited back in the day. The 8-bit font’s letters and numbers were a tactile balance of conserving computer memory. Old arcade games looked the way they did because they were an exercise in efficiency.

Thanks to Bitcoin, we now have the most proficient financial system to have ever existed.
A chance to regain our sovereignty from the tyranny of the centralized banking cartel.
Bitcoin is sounder, stronger, cheaper, safer and faster than the current legacy finance system.