Sick of the Fed? Bitcoin is the medicine.

Truth, is brighter than gold, a worthy hill indeed.

A golden orange pill.

A cure to the spiritual malaise caused by the time theft of our life-force energy, stolen by cantillionaires, debasing and inflating usury-laden fiat printed at will out of thin air.

Satoshi Rx Daiji #1 is the first of three original editions hand painted on canvas. 16″ x 24″ Oil based metallic, hand stretched canvas w/ 1.5″ gallery bars.

Guy Satoshi Daiji #2 is the second of three original editions hand-painted on canvas.
24″ x 24″ Oil based metallic, hand stretched canvas w/ 1.5″ gallery bars.

The Kanji on the top of the mask and left of the pill means “Satoshi”. The first character represents, “Wise, Sage, Philosopher”. For he is the sage philosopher, leading us to a world of truth and freedom. Non-discriminating, permissionless, anonymous, borderless, of no color nor creed. Such characteristics as also represented by our dear friend Guy Fawkes.

The second character represents, “History, Chronicle”. And a wise history, indeed, is that of the Timechain.

Infinity divided by 21 million.
The concept brought to us by Knut Svanholm and discussed in the video with Guy Swann and Ioni Appelberg.
‘Bitcoin: Everything there is, divided by 21 million’.

The Kanji next to “21”, represents “million”. It is written in Daiji, a more complex form of writing Kanji numbers. Used on banknotes and official documents in Japan to prevent forgers or nefarious individuals from altering the more simple Kanji numbers, by adding a stroke or two (such as turning a one into a two, or a three into a five). Just as bitcoin prevents fraud by the genius of Satoshi’s consensus protocol.

9.63% of the sale of each artwork in this series is donated to Bitcoin Core devs, many of whom volunteer their time to improve and maintain the network.

This set was sold through auction on Scarce.City in April 2022. Guy Satoshi Daiji #1 was sold through auction on in March 2022.

This work is a tribute to Satoshi, to the cypherpunks before him and to all those who have followed, dedicating their time to bringing forth a more beautiful world we know is possible.

– Asanoha