Interwoven Limited Edition Fine Art Serigraph – 18″x24″


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18″x 24″

Metallic Gold on 110lb Neenah.

Limited Edition Fine Art Serigraph. Signed & Numbered. Only 300 prints of this design will ever be made.

I’ve named this piece “Interwoven” in the hopes that it’s threaded faces might remind us of our interconnectedness.

Through this experience of separation, one of the most beautiful joys I cherish are the liminal moments of pain in which instead of choosing anger I am able to choose compassion.
Deep into and through the raw tangible reality of the momentary experience I can feel the hands of creation pulling upon the stitching of my skin.

Continually weaving and un-weaving this tapestry in which god experiencing god folds the fraying fabric over upon itself time and time again with infinitely kaleidoscopic combinations.
And how very wonderful, how very special, that in this precious moment I am sitting and getting to write these bizarre thoughts down upon a digital timestamp of my particular current existence.
And how very wonderful, how very special, that in this precious and particular moment you happen to be reading these words that I have written!
And I hope that you have been reminded of the interwoven and interconnected reality that breathes, so very alive, behind all these illusions of separation.
May we all take this remembering onward with us and think of it often.

~ Asanoha